The "I" Page

I am a French citizen, born in Finland and living in the Netherlands.

I agree that ‘everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature‘ (R. W. Emerson), provided that Nature is viewed as the world in its totality, in other words ‘reality’.

I believe that nothing exists by itself; interactions rule the world. It has been confirmed that substances are just a temporary connection between atoms, in other words, more or less nothing, only bound by energy, and programmed to change.

Objects exist because, at a certain moment, someone is looking at them. Perception becomes reality.

I believe that pure abstraction is impossible: it is in human nature to name things, to connect them to experience. In the other extreme, photo-realism is an impossible quest: art that looked amazingly realistic a couple of decades ago is now again marked by its time. Therefore art should not be only abstract or only figurative, but each of these to a certain extent. Exploring the frontier between representation and suggestion is for me the essence of painting.

I like to look for the basic pattern, the purified shape and light effect that by itself reaches that tiny piece of nerve from where all our feelings, all our emotions are triggered.